Accra Ghana – Holiday with Countless Experiences

A cornucopia of joy awaits travelers at Accra

It is easy to avail cheap tickets to Accra Ghana from London Heathrow. Accra is the capital of Ghana and is also the largest city in its country. It is the largest metropolis as well. The city’s architecture reflects its heritage which has a lot of British influence as Accra as it was ruled by the British in its early years. So learn more and experience more of Accra by booking an affordable plane ticket toAccra, Ghana from Crystal Travel, the world class travel booking expert.

Climatic Conditions of Accra Ghana

It is advisable for those who plan onvacationing in Accra, to book inexpensive tickets to Accra Ghana from LondonHeathrow according to the season they would prefer. Accra has a tropical climate that borderlines on being called a semi arid climatic. It has two rainy seasons in a year. The major rains begin in April ending in Mid July. The second seasonal rainfall is generally from the month of October. Cooler months in Accra are generally more humid than the warm months.

A Span of lovely places to visit in Accra Ghana

Although it is a small city as compared to others, it has a lot of places that are a must see when holidaying in Accra Ghana. Some of them are as follows:

 National Museum

  • National Theatre
  • Bazaars
  • Textile markets
  • Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum
  • National Monuments of Usher Fort and  James Fort
  • Osu castle
  • Beachfronts
  • Golden Jubilee House
  • Accra Sports Stadium
  • Independence Square
  • Ghana- India Kofi Annan center of Excellence in ICT

Food – A Culture in itself in Accra Ghana

Accra is famous for its own traditional dishes which are must haves when boardinglow budget airlines to Accra Ghana from UK. Some of these are a must try whentraveling to Accra:

  • Kenkey
  • Akyeke
  • Fante Dorkunu
  • Akple
  • Abolo
  • Nkotomire
  • Tuo  Zaafi
  • Pito
  • Zom koom
  • Koose

Entertainment and Enjoyment in Accra Ghana

There are several pubs for those flying on an economic flight tickets to AccraGhana from London Heathrow and are in need of a cold chilled hard drink. Some of these places are listed below.

  • Ryan’s Irish Pub
  • Champs Sports Bar
  • Osekan
  • Indigo
  • Venus Cocktail Bar
  • Duncan’s Bar
  • Bywel’s Bar
  • Macumba
  • Bass Line
  • Vienna City Entertainment Complex
  • Jazz tone

So, as stated above there are various places to visit and enjoy oneself after buying acheap flight tickets to Accra, Ghana. Have you booked yours yet?

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