Cheap Flights to Las Vegas


Viva Las Vegas. One of the world’s most iconic cities, it needs little introduction. From the moment you arrive, it’s time to put reality to one side and embrace the fantasy. And who knows, you might even win big?

When to Book Flights to Las Vegas

From March to May and September to November you’ll find plenty of cheap tickets to Vegas, as these are its (slightly) off-peak seasons. You’ll also experience more moderate weather and great deals on accommodation at the hotels.

There’s an influx of visitors in the winter months as people come to Vegas for some sun, with New Year’s Eve being a very big deal. So, book early at these times. And no matter what time of year, if you can come midweek it will be easier to get Cheap Flights to Vegas, as fares are generally more expensive at weekends.

How to Find the Best Flight Deals to Las Vegas

If you can catch a flight to Vegas midweek, you’re likely to find cheaper tickets. Las Vegas is one of the US’s most popular weekend destinations, so flights get fuller and prices go up. Use the Orbitz flight search tool to find Cheap Flights to Las Vegas, both on your preferred dates of travel and on the days either side. Flexibility could help you save.

You may also be able to save by flying from a different airport. Click the ‘Nearby Airports’ button under your departure destination to see the potential reduced cost of choosing a different airport.

US Departures to Las Vegas

There are numerous flights to Las Vegas from many US cities.

These include:

  • New York to Las Vegas – 6 hours
  • Los Angeles to Las Vegas – 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Chicago to Las Vegas – 4 hours
  • Miami to Las Vegas – 5 hours 40 minutes
  • Seattle to Las Vegas – 2 hours 25 minutes
  • Atlanta to Las Vegas – 4 hours 40 minutes
  • Houston to Las Vegas – 3 hours 25 minutes

Main Airports in Las Vegas

The main international airport serving Las Vegas is McCarran. It’s located in Paradise, about five miles to the south of the downtown area. Handling more than 45 million passengers a year, it’s one of the busiest in the US. It’s an operating base for Allegiant Air and a crew base for Frontier.

Road access to the airport is provided by the Paradise Road which connects to the Las Vegas Beltway. There is economy parking spread over several different lots and bus services are provided by RTC Transit on routes 108 and 109.

Which Airlines Fly to Las Vegas

Direct flights to Vegas are available from a number of different carriers.

These include:

  • Delta
  • Frontier
  • Spirit
  • Southwest
  • American Airlines

How to Get to and Around Las Vegas

The most straightforward way for getting around in Las Vegas is on foot. Most of the major hotels, casinos and attractions are located on the Strip. Many of the hotels are connected via bridges and tunnels, so you can get around without having to go outside in the hot sun. Great news in the sweltering summer months.

The Monorail runs along the east side of the Strip, but it can be a little costly if you are in a big group. Buses are inexpensive and convenient, and there are taxis constantly buzzing around. If you’re staying on the Strip you probably won’t need a car but if you’re planning on getting out of the city there is a good choice of rental cars too.

What Are the Must-Sees in Las Vegas?

The Strip itself is something to behold – a fantasy land of ancient temples, medieval castles and lost worlds. The Aquarium at The Mirage is a popular attraction, as is the regular fountain show at the Bellagio. There is also a constantly changing array of megastars and circus acts performing at the big hotels, so keep your eyes peeled for information.

Take a roller coaster ride around the outside of a skyscraper, take to the skies in a helicopter or bet it all on black on the roulette wheel. Las Vegas truly is a place like no other.

Tips for Traveling in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a place where dreams are made but just as many aren’t quite so lucky. Obviously, gambling is a big part of the excitement but it’s very easy to get carried away. The simple rule of thumb is this: never bet more than you can afford to lose. And if you’re not sure how to play, there are usually free classes to explain the basic rules. Just ask at the casinos for information.

Food and drink prices can be high, especially in the casinos, so adjust your budget accordingly and try to avoid peak dinner times at the major buffets, as it can get very busy. It’s also worth noting that if you have your picture taken with a character in costume on the street, they often expect payment in return. So, ask first to avoid disagreements.