Exquisite Fun Extravaganza in Adventurous Ho Chi Minh City

Far Eastern countries are the most versatile and captivating part of the world and remains always on its tows to showcase the huge variety and voyager friendly features that are like the bread and butter for these countries and for the same reason, this region is a great place for Londoners to escape for their holidays. Among them all, the most significantly different but attractive city is Ho Chi Minh City.

To admire the magnificent history, rich culture, delightful food and astonishing lifestyle, tons of holidaymakers hop on to the cheap flight tickets to Ho Chi Minh City from London every year. The city has many features and the best thing about it is this city is a daredevil metropolis in Vietnam that has many great amusement places to enjoy.

Best Adventurous Sites in Ho Chi Minh City

Dam Sen Water Park

This is the most exquisite and fascinating park in entire city at District 11 where you will love to enjoy the vast collection of daring and thrilling rides and slides. The park is one of the best places for locals and tourists to spend a nice and stress busting day and you can easily spend few hours without losing any interest. The entry fee is also really nominal and the rides are really safe and adventurous.

Suoi Tien Theme Park

This is the hot favorite theme park in entire city of Ho Chi Minh which is lush with tons of great water slides and rides, best to captivate children, adults and old age people. The park has a huge ground and you are required to spare some time only to cover the most of it. Magnificent roller coaster and adventurous slides are something that will give you a cheerful and happy time with friends and family. Though you will find it a bit crowded but best things always attract people.

Lac Canh Dai Nam Hien

This theme park does not like any regular water or amusement park from the outside, but as the time you step inside from the gates, you will find yourself brought up to the adventure kingdom of Ho Chi Minh city. This theme park is really elegant and has many great features apart from thrilling rides. The magnificent collection of artifacts and carvings on the castle walls is really spellbinding. Although rides inside the park are just amazing and any person of any age group can have equal fun and adventure here without missing a breath.

Power Bowl Hung Vuong


If you love to have adventure in the most mature way, then this is the place where you can have your wild adventure but in a different style. At Hung Vuong Plaza in District 5, this gigantic hall is a great place to enjoy the local hot shot game of Power ball and you can compete with locals that are really great players and can give you complex any day.

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