Find Luscious Diet in Boulevards of Ho Chi Minh City

Kingdom of Ho Chi Minh city is indescribably a sizzling and popular conurbation of Vietnam, established from centuries and survived from many outrageous battles. The city comprises with enough locations and sights that are beautifully adorable and has some magnetizing impact, to witness people from around the globe and especially UK takes cheap flights to Ho Chi Minh City from Birmingham with Tam Airlines Flights. We all have heard about the delights of Far Eastern food and if you are planning to visit here, go try some of the mouth-watering cuisines and dishes of Vietnam that are best to be enjoyed in summer.
To give you a perfect direction, here we, Cheap Airlines and Tours bring a list of Top 5 Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City to feast up with the delightful range of luscious food.
Top 5 Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City for Lip-Smacking Cuisines
Five Oysters
This is one of the finest and cheapest restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City at Bui Vien Street where you will find an incredibly cheap but superb restaurant serving some special signature dishes along with many astounding Vietnamese traditional cuisines. Try the hot favorite Five Oysters Roll and Pancakes that are highly recommended and are quite cheap as well. You can also enjoy a swing of booze at cheapest price here.
Cuc Gach Quan
This restaurant is one of the artistic and fancy restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City at Dang Tat where you will find some of the delicious and admirable dishes with some unique and gentle serving. The services here are top notch and you will find a giant menu of traditional Vietnamese cuisines with utterly delicious taste. Try out Soft Shall Crabs, Spring Rolls, Soups and Fried Brown Rice with Prawns.
This is the hot favorite restaurant among voyagers and natives as well at Hoang Sa where you will find the best of the best Vietnamese cuisines served in particularly fanciest manner. The delight of food is quite admirable in the lights and atmosphere this restaurant keeps. Take Silky Tofu with Chilly and Lemongrass, Duck Breast on Ginger and soothing drinks that are enough to set your mood and give you a nostalgic dinner ever.
KOTO Saigon
This is a lovely, fancy and luxurious restaurant in the city at Hai Ba Tung Street where you can have some of the incredible dishes of Vietnamese culture. The place has an atmosphere to boost your feast and give you more diet than ever by the aroma of delicious dishes and great music. You can have here a great deal of food made by trained street kids from professionals.
Nha Hang Ngon
This is an incredibly astonishing place to have a romantic dinner with beloved or wife at Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street where you will find a gigantic menu of some of the finest and famous cuisines belongs from the historical culture of Vietnam. The place itself is quite huge and has some decent lights and music to set a romantic mood for a candle light dinner.
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