Find out Authentic Markets to Go for Shopping in Cairo

Have you ever fantasized about living at a place in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by desert and a city filled with ancient architecture and living with people following old rituals and traditions? This might be just a small dream but all this can be found at the ancient country of Egypt. Misr or Egypt is a fascinating country that has huge followers of ancient culture and traditions.

This country is lush with many amazing cities but there is only one crown for everyone and so is with Egypt. Cairo is like the diadem of Egypt that spotted this ancient country on global map and made an identity of this beautiful country. Cairo is the home of the oldest one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramid of Giza. This city is not only famous for the ancient site but also is a popular city for its amazing and genuine markets. Take cheap flights to Cairo and enjoy a wonderful time shopping at its authentic markets and malls.

Thing to Know Before Planning Holidays in Cairo

Have a blasting time at the fantasizing city of Egypt where you can enjoy visiting the legendary and dazzling sites while enjoying great time shopping at art galleries, handicraft shops and much more. Take Holiday packages for this city from Crystal Travel and Tours that offers best deals on cheap tickets to Cairo carried by Tam Airlines Flights to give get best flying experience of all time.

Places for Shopping in Cairo

With Flight Tickets for Cairo you can enjoy the fascinating and thrilling sites of the city and side by side go for shopping at the authentic and amazing markets of the city that are quite famous for artifacts and ancient look-alike stuff. You will love the markets here as there are tons of shops and stores where you can buy all the stuff that can go with any drawing room settings.

Pull out some extra money to spend over beautiful showpieces by taking Discounted flights to Cairo. There is a small list of shops and markets with their specialties from where you can buy all the goods required during vacations.

Khan Al-Khalili – It is a great market surrounded by architectural buildings at Al-Azhar street from where you can get all the cheap local stuff at a very low price. Being the flea market this usually remains crowded and you have to bargain a lot as the shopkeepers puts the rate higher in front of foreigners.

Townhouse Gallery – This is a contemporary gallery at Pasha Street that has all the traditional copies that look alike old artifacts and are comparatively cheap then usually found.

Dr. Ragab Papyrus Institute – This is a famous place at Corniche el-Nil to buy all the ancient and historical paintings. The prices are little high but reasonable.

Three Pyramids Bazaar – This is a primary market at Abuelhoul Street from where you can buy any commodity at a very reasonable price. The market is located close to the city center and has shops selling almost everything with huge brands and traditional outlets.

Nashwa Art Store – This is probably the most famous art gallery of the city at New Cairo from where you can buy as well as observe the old style of arts and crafts of Egyptian civilization.

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