Shopping – The Best Way to Explore Real Dar Es Salaam

The desirous and captivating city of Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam, that is becoming as one of the best cities in entire Africa to visit and spend some quality and memorable summer holidays is really a delight to visit with friends, family and beloved and to explore the dynamic and cultural Tanzanian Civilization. The city is quite astonishing and many Londoners love to escape with cheap flights Tickets to Dar Es Salaam from London for a magnificent summer holiday with friends.

The city is quite renowned for its captivating sites but apart from that, there are plethoras of places to shop in Dar where you can hit and fill up your cart and get something useful for like souvenirs or anything required during holidays.

Best Shopping Places in Dar Es Salaam

Shoppers Plaza

If you are looking for a western style shopping, well here is the best place you can visit and get the same. At Old Bagamoyo Road, this magnificent and gigantic shopping center is loaded with almost every major international brand selling the wide range collection of that brand. The mall is quite appreciable and you will love to go for either window or serious shopping here. The prices are just reasonable for branded outlets and local shopkeepers keep the tradition of charging reasonable from every customer.

Kariakoo Market

This is one of the biggest markets in the city at Dar Es Salaam and itself a landmark for being really famous and trusted. The market has a vast range of products selling by hundreds of shopkeepers at the very best price available in the city. From here, you can get anything from brand new to used products at a very good price. It is advised to try for bargain as the shopkeepers tries to charge extra from the foreigners and take the advantage of being unknown and tries to sell the things that are not even required.

Nyumba Ya Sanaa

This is a great place to purchase things for souvenirs and for your own drawing room’s decoration at a very good price. At Ohio Street, this incredible art gallery is really amazing and has this wide collection of leather, wood carved and jewelry things that are clearly showcasing the culture, art and tradition of Tanzanian civilization and are truly beautiful and good to buy. The prices are also really reasonable and you can buy plenty of things without losing too much of cash.

Msasani Slipway Weekend Craft Market

This market is one of the most renowned art and craft markets in entire Tanzania at Msasani Slipway where you will find these plenty of shops selling different kinds of crafted souvenirs and artifacts. The market is apparently remains quite crowded due to huge demand and limited time of opening but this is probably one of the best places in the city to get something great to presents your friends and family waiting back at home for their gifts purchased from Dar Es Salaam.

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